Showcase your blockchain projects and skills at the World Crypto Con Hackathon! Build apps to reduce tribalism and increase interoperability.

Who Should Attend

The hackathon is open to all developers, designers or blockchain enthusiasts with skills or interests in blockchain application development. If you are in town for Vegas Blockchain Week, this hackathon is a great place to show off your skills and to mingle with industry professionals and leaders!

You will be provided with resources and support from mentors from various blockchain companies to help you create solutions that can help you create new products and services to reduce tribalism and increase interoperability.

Hackathon Challenges



EOSIO is a next-generation, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. Introduced in May 2017, it has since been widely recognized as the first performant blockchain platform for businesses across the world. With the tools the EOSIO platform offers to make building a dapp easier, what can you build with EOS?

Potential project ideas:

  • Create a way for faster payments with EOS immediate transactions
  • DAO-ify an app (DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Create a structure for an autonomous economy that votes on rules that the DAO operates by
  • Gamification of an existing application (ie, take a GoFundme type app and allow voters to elect which projects are worthy; voters could get tokens and rewards for their selections, etc.)
  • Invoice and payment request system that generates simple smart contracts which escrow the payment; conditionals such as "pay if"
  • Simple massive multiplayer game - example: a button lights up and can be pressed to claim a bounty - but only when it's lit. It lights up at a random interval. If no one clicks it to claim the bounty, the bounty doubles.
  • Security solution for partial key custody using an email address and password.
  • P2P escrow trading that allows users to swap any coin for another coin. People can list their demands. For example: "I want to trade 10 SENSE for 300 IQ and transfer the 10 SENSE to an escrow smart contract". Then someone else can choose to make that transaction and fulfill the trade.



XYO is a decentralized network of devices that anonymously collect and validate geospatial data. Location records can't be altered or faked due to its data being stored on the blockchain. At the center of XYO's protocol sits a secure communication exchange they call "the Bound Witness." Think of a bound witness as an encrypted handshake between IOT devices, or "SSL for IOT" powered by blockchain. (see for more info). Attendees can make use of XYO's SDKs with on-site mentorship, and for hackers interested, XYO will also bring beta hardware that will offer other form factors that can perform Bound Witness interactions. Using XYO's geospatial blockchain technology, what will you build?

Potential project ideas:

  • Build "unlock on bound witness" app for software and/or hardware.  The app would decrypt a file or open a locked box upon bound witness with a whitelisted address.
  • Payment on delivery wallet: Install sentinel SDKs in a new mobile wallet app that transfers a predetermined amount of the XYO token upon first bound witness from a sender to recipient address.
  • Build a temperature Oracle: Install the sentinel SDK on Raspberry Pi or any IoT device with a temperature sensor. Bridge and display temperature data on a new temperature XYO diviner.
  • Create a Bound Witness Notification Plugin: Create a plugin for any diviner that enables sending a message or email upon bound witness with interested parties.
  • Build an EOS diviner: clone XYO's ethereum diviner to work on the EOS blockchain.
  • Build a "supply chain diviner" that visualizes the bound witnesses of a sentinel along a route from source to destination sentinels.



Ravencoin is a powerful peer-to-peer platform for the next generation of financial technology. Ravencoin is a platform for issuing your own assets (tokens). The decentralized nature of the Ravencoin network allows for highly resilient Ravencoin infrastructure, and the developer community needs reliable, open-source tools to implement Ravencoin apps and services. Using Ravencoin's tech, Ravencoin Dev Kit, RPC calls like ravend, and more) what can you build?

Potential project ideas:

  • Instant 1-time use coupons (Ravencoin tokens) sent as you near (XYO) a store.
  • An atomic swap of Ravencoin asset tokens using the EOS chain smart contracts.
  • Mobile website wallet for a single asset
  • An audit trail for contributions - transparency with IPFS records for spending
  • A game with game assets using tags and restricted assets for subscribers only
  • Encrypted message system using tokens and IPFS
  • Visual representation of an asset and its transfers

Judges and Prizes

Your projects will be judged on the following criteria:  

Is the project new and disruptive?  How has the team effectively utilized the available technologies?  How easy is the application to use?  How well does it integrate with current blockchain technologies and companies?



Best Overall Project: $3,000 (USD)


XYO Challenge: $1,000 USD in XYO coin

Ravencoin Challenge: $1,000 USD in RVN coin

EOS Challenge: $1,000 USD in EOS coin


Tron Black

Principal Software Engineer
Medici Ventures, Ravencoin

Aurelie Vincent

Founder & Executive Coach

Embody Agency

Arie Truow

CTO & Founder


Jae Chung


RocketBC, EOS

The Hackathon Agenda

Day 1

Wednesday, October 30

8:00 am

9:00 am

9:30 am

11:00 am

12:30 pm

1:30 pm

2:15 pm

3:00 pm

3:45 pm

4:15 pm

5:30 pm

6:30 pm

7:00 pm

12:00 am

Registration & Check-in / Breakfast

Kickoff and Introductions

Ideation & Team Formation

Crash Testing


Technical Workshop – Ravencoin

Technical Workshop – XYO

Technical Workshop – EOS


Crash Testing II


Team Registration Due

Presentation Overview / Demo Tips 

Hacking Continues Overnight

Day 2

Thursday, October 31

8:00 am

9:00 am

10:00 am

11:00 am

12:00 pm

2:00 pm

4:00 pm

5:00 pm

6:00 pm

Breakfast / Technical Support Resumes

Hacking Continues

AV Checks & Pitch Practice

Project Submission Due


Final Presentations 

Judges Deliberate

Winners Announcement

End of Hackathon / Head to the After Party!


The Cosmopolitan | 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 

About WCC 2019

EVOLV is proud to present the Second annual Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology event, World Crypto Conference (WCC), October 29th – October 31, 2019, at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. We are excited to announce the expansion of WCC in 2019, as we embrace major partnerships with other notable event organizers and work together to deliver Vegas Blockchain Week, from October 25th to October 31st, 2019.

Executives, enthusiasts, and professionals from global enterprise companies, financial service providers, investment firms, traders, advisory & auditing institutions, blockchain focused startups, academic institutions, government policy advisors, and application developers will descend on Las Vegas to discuss the most pressing topics facing our emerging industry.

WCC 2019 will afford 3 days of intense discussions, product demos, expert keynote addresses, panel discussions with industry thought leaders, and announcements from the best and brightest in the industry showcasing new products, ideas, and commercially viable applications of blockchain technology.

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